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Welcome to RepairMyBot!

We specialize in repairing broken robots:

\ Transformers

\\ Soul of Chogokin

\\\ 3rd Party

\\\\ Masterpiece

\\\\\ Metal Build

\\\\\\ Robot Spirits

\\\\\\\ Yamato/Arcadia

We're also happy to help if you have any questions about a repair!


Saving robots from the junkyard!


\ Send us a pic to of what needs to be repaired so we can assess.

\\ We'll ask any questions, let you know what we think, and provide a quote*.

\\\ Just send it in and we'll get started (insured shipping services available).

*Repair costs are based off a percentage of the overall value of the item.

A $50 robot should not cost anywhere near its value to repair or why not just buy a new one, right?

We do our best to make it worth your while and save the item from getting scrapped! You get to decide if it's worth it!


Great care is taken to restore and provide the item to its original full range of motion, transformation capabilities, color, finish, and any other gimmicks associated with the design.

Services usually takes 3-5 business days and if you are not completely satisfied or if it cannot be repaired you get your item back and there is a full money back guarantee.

Donate-o-bot: Don't throw it out! We can arrange and pay for shipping so all you need to do is box it and slap the label on it! Your parts can be used to save someone else's bot!